I hereby dedicate 2015 to these ugly weirdos: my feet. I have always detested my feet. For starters they are too big. Too long and far too wide for my 5ft 3 height. They’ve never cooperated with dainty, pretty little heels and my long, gappy toes are just plain wrong. But something amazing happened in 2015… I made friends with my feet. Most days now start with a few extra moments in bed to raise my feet in the air, stretch the backs of my legs, hug my knees in and release my lower back. On the way up I look at my freak show feet and wonder where they will take me today. I feel gratitude for the sunshine which has permanently stained them brown for the last few months and I look at my naked beige toenails which are a much prettier hue than the red I used to permanently paint them with. I say hi to them again on my mat in forward fold, realising they’re a pretty solid foundation for all this balancing and grounding. Those goofy toes all perk up and wave at me when they’re reaching for the ceiling in shoulder stand, reminding me of that time they hiked over the Andes without a single blister or complaint and all of the cities they’ve flip flopped around, putting up with my clumsy trips and toe stubbings but never letting me fall. They’ve hopped over scorching hot sand and paddled in three different oceans and ran thousands of miles. I’ve put them through countless Kayla Itsines burpees, but it seems to have only made them stronger. High heels may have been their kryptonite but turns out flyknits are their home planet. Over the past 12 months I’ve been using these nasty knobbly feet to discover new corners of the earth and meet so many amazing people, but the best character I’ve got to know is my Self. I couldn’t feel more heart exploding gratitude for every single second of 2015 and I hope that me and my big funky feet have spread some positivity on the way too. Because you know what they say… big feet… big footprint.

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