Forget how many likes your breakfast got on instagram, this is an afternoon to treat tired out tech-intoxicated bodies and minds and leave you feeling truly reconnected to the real world, to your unique and amazing body, and to the brilliant souls around you.


Life has never been so good; we have all the entertainment and convenience we could possibly need at the touch of a button, yet our levels of anxiety, stress, insecurity and depression are higher than ever.

” There is no app for happiness.” – Max Strom

Scrolling for hours through social media posts can leave us feeling a little jaded and empty… but all it takes is a few healthy habits to snap out of the self-worth destroying whirlpool and back into feeling restored and part of something more beautiful, real, imperfect and meaningful than an emoticons could ever express!

Afternoon Yoga Retreat
Our lovely space for the afternoon

This whole afternoon retreat will be coordinated towards cultivating freedom and love for your body, nurturing your self esteem and getting back in touch with a few of the simple, uncomplicated pleasures life has to offer.


• mobile phone check in

• 90 min tech-detoxing yoga workshop

• vegan mindful banquet – the foods chosen will be colourful and nourishing to revive your body and senses, and of course it will be beautiful, but won’t need to be photographed!

• talk by certified nutritionist

• hand massages, to literally massage the iPhone out of your hand

• a short mindful group walk in nature, to freshen up and take notice of some natural beauty

• guided meditation to increase self-worth, simple tricks to tune out those little voices which try to tell you that you aren’t enough



• we’ll also write intentions on beautiful stationary to revive the beautiful ritual of letter writing which so many of us don’t bother with now we have whatsapp! These positive intentions for the new digitally detoxed you will be posted back to you a little while after the event along with treats to keep you reconnected, just a little reminder when you need a boost!

• wellness gift bag bursting with goodies to make you glow!

ALL FOR £50 per person / £40 early bird if booked before 12 Feb


Digital Detox Workshop Day Retreat Yoga

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