I’m just so excited to be holding this event. Self care is something which has truly been a life saver for me over the past 6 months and sharing these practices with people feels really valuable at the moment as we move into a new season and pile pressure on ourselves to work harder and aim higher.

Yin, Ayurveda and Sound Healing workshop in East London
Yin, Ayurveda and Sound Healing workshop in East London

(photo credit: The Jungalow)

Our bodies process an endless barrage of harmful inputs such as environmental toxins, processed foods, unresolved emotions, and psychological stress. Taking care to slow down and restore our nervous system is essential.

This workshop will bring together many practices which I have found incredibly helpful to stay grounded, energised and feel well rested. When we are feeling our best, most present and complete we can offer support and love to others from a healthy and truthful place.

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• 90 mins candlelit yin yoga focussing on resting and revitalising tired bodies

• Sound healing – crystal singing bowls and gong bath by the amazing Harriet-Emily

Whilst you release deep tensions by melting into long held yin yoga postures, the rich harmonic frequencies of Planetary Gongs and Crystal Singing Bowls bathe you in therapeutic sound waves. The whole experience helps guide the physical and energetic body towards a meditative, clear and peaceful state of being – leaving you feeling all brand new ready for the weekend.

• A wholesome nourishing vegan & Ayurvedic supper

• Insights into Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga) including self massage techniques and nutrition tips

• A short guided meditation

• Journaling tips

…and a wellness enhancing gift bag


Self care yin and ayurveda yoga supper workshop

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