1, 2, 3… CHILLAX

If you’ve seen me this week you’ve probably heard me talk (MOAN) about how hectic the past week has been. Pretty dumb really because I’m 100% blessed to be so busy doing the things that I love, but obviously I was trying to get a message through to my own numb brain that it’s time to slow the hell down. It’s way too easy to glorify being busy in London, as if it’s something to be proud of… when actually taking time to be mindful and look after yourself is a billion times more valuable.

How to be mindful and chill out

So here is my new promise: no more rushing, no more booking myself busy for 15 hours straight per day. We are in control of our own lives, and I know how I want to spend mine, doing things which are meaningful and spending time with people I love so I can be the best version of myself and able to spread something positive on into the world. Not a frazzled, crazy version of myself scowling at people on the train whilst burning my mouth on reckless full-sugar-hot chocolate to keep me from keeling over. Reunited with my Peanut, it’s time for rest… all we need now is the third point to our triangle for a proper family Fright night in 🙂

If you’re interested here are some of my favourite ways to find some calm…

1, 2, 3… CHILLAX!

1. Just breathe. 

Yes it is easier said than done. Insanely enough taking a few moments to just sit, breathe and be still is one of the hardest and most daunting challenges for most people. All it takes to mend you mind is 8 minutes. That’s pretty much an advert break. Take the time or MAKE the time. And if you find this really hard to do alone then use an app like 1 Giant Mind – or do it with friends, at Just Breathe London, the free donation-only charity mindfulness meet-up happening in London every single month.

I’m very proud to be part of this awesome movement, and as someone who struggled to even contemplate meditation a few years ago I promise you it’s the most friendly, warm and down to earth way you could spend an evening. Check it out here: justbreathelondon.com.

2. Feed your soul.

Make a big colourful bowl of amazing. All the veggies & wholefoods will nourish you from the inside out. (It’s totally ok to wash this down with 1kg of Green & Blacks though by the way…)


Basically just take some or ALL of the below and stick it in a bowl. You simply can not go wrong.

  • Broccoli /Asparagus / Green Peas / Sugar Snaps / Celery / Mushrooms steamed or sauteed in some coconut oil or just a little water
  • Cauliflower / Carrots / Parsnips / Beetroot / Sweet Potato Wedges rubbed in a bit of coconut oil and roasted in the oven then dipped in some wholegrain mustard to serve / inhale
  • Black beans / Chickpeas sauteed in coconut oil with some garlic, basil and sliced mushrooms
  • Quinoa cooked in veg stock water with some pumpkin, chia and sunflower seeds added
  • Avocado mashed with boiled peas

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be pretty and it doesn’t have to be pretty to be delicious!!

Plant based delicious vegan food

3. Get out.

Take a walk outdoors, the best way to remember what it’s like to be human again. Cute jack russell companion optional extra… and available for loan, enquire here 😉

Walk in nature to de-stress

4. Go to yoga 😉 obvs.

Seriously though, even if you can’t make it to a studio (or just don’t want to leave your house and venture into the cold) then I don’t think there’s anything better than an online RESTORATIVE class. Yoga isn’t just about abs and standing on your head, it’s also about taking time for you. I love udaya.co.uk – loads of my fave teachers are on there and there’s an offer for a £5 per month membership at the moment. If you sign up then check out Micheline Berry’s ‘Yoga Chill Lounge’ class. You basically just hug a pillow for 45 mins and it’s amazing. Do this class then netflix and chill after – Sunday night heaven.

Yoga for mindfulness


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