I caught the yoga bug after practicing many different styles of yoga over about 7 years, but I still completely remember what it feels like to be a yoga newbie, and I definitely remember how hard it was to squeeze yoga classes in around my day job when I started to really feel how transformative a regular practice could be.

Whether you’re brand new to yoga or already have a regular practice, private 1-2-1 classes can be a game changer for finding ease, fun and freedom through your yoga practice, and enhancing your entire wellbeing. 

My studio based Vinyasa classes are usually fun, light hearted and dynamic whilst being relatively fast flowing, but 1-2-1 classes can be tailored to suit your exact wishes and needs. From breaking down individual postures, to concentrating on mindfulness and meditation, or even just flowing faster through creative transitions, I can provide bespoke classes and programmes specifically for you.

Suzie Private Yoga Classes with Suzie in Central London, South London, East London, West London and North London

If you have past injuries or particular areas of tightness or tension, I can help by providing sequences to work on these areas and provide hands-on assistance to help guide you deeper into postures. The focus and intention of my sessions is always to help you discover increased strength, flexibility and wellbeing, whether in the body or the mind – or both.

Private classes are where I bring together my experience of yoga from different continents, with the influence of the many teachers I have been so lucky to learn from, and my own sensibility of how to make the body and mind feel uplifted and more alive. You can read more about the skills I have gained from my yoga journey so far here.

To arrange reasonably priced private one-to-one at home classes or small group classes please contact me here.

“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”   

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