Let’s kick off this fifty-shades-of-chocolate loveathon with righting one universal wrong… CHOCOLATE IS A SUPERFOOD. Not in the Lindor ball form of course. Or any other sugar loaded – wrapped in plastic – licked seductively by a woman in a bubble bath on the TV – form. It’s actually the chocolate itself which needs to be totally naked, rich, raw and dark as possible to be classed as nutrition decadence. Only when it’s stripped of all the crap can you really appreciate the pure power of the cacao bean.

Raw Cacao Gluten-Free Cookies

Hello antioxidants. Hello vitamins. My fave superfood rescource, Aduna has some great factoids on the health benefits of their super-food charged cacao….

  • Cardiovascular health
  • Elasticity of arteries
  • Healthy blood circulation (great for people suffering from cold hands and feet!)

It is also jam-packed with antioxidants and has been clinically proven to improve skin-hydration, making it a beauty must-have. – Aduna.com

Excited about raw chocolate now?! Hell yeah you are. Now let’s bake with it.

This recipe is quick, almost too easy, and deceptively humble. A chocolate biscuit doesn’t sound earth moving, but these cookies are different. Not only are they sugar-free, gluten-free and totally nutritious, they also pack an intense chocolatey punch which ramps up a few levels approximately 3 and a half chews after first bite. Suddenly something happens in your mouth and the experience goes from – ‘cool I’m eating a healthy biscuit’ to THERE IS A CACAO GOD IN MY MOUTH AND IT IS BLESSING ME WITH A CHOCOGASM.

Ok, I’m sorry, I’ve gone a bit too ‘when Harry met Sally’ about this… just don’t judge until you try them for yourself…

Raw Cacao Healthy Chocolate Cookies

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  1. Preheat your oven to 170 degrees. Now, to start off, we're gonna make some flour. So pop the oats in your blender and whizz until powder - then put in a mixing bowl. Then pop the nuts and seeds in the blender - whizz until powder - then put in the mix bowl too. JOB DONE.
  2. Now take your buckwheat and throw it into a dry pan to toast for about 5 mins. Watch it carefully though because it definitely will burn easily. If you like super crunchy cookies, then use the groats whole in the recipe, if you prefer them a little less crunchy, then you can whizz it for 1 second in the blender first, or just use less groats.
  3. Next, take all the other ingredients and pop them in the bowl too, mixing it all up by getting stuck in with your paws. The dash of almond milk is just to help it all come together if it seems a bit dry.
  4. Once combined, mould the dough into cookies the size of the palm of your hand, and bake for approx 20minutes, checking on them during the last 5 mins to make sure they don't burn. Then, once firm, whip out of the oven and on to a wire rack to cool.
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