Rooftop yoga in Central London

THE OFFICE GROUP, 2 STEPHEN STREET (map) Tottenham Court Road

Vinyasa classes to help you de-stress, stretch and revitalise body and mind
Everyone welcome – from yoga newbies to more experienced headstand addicts!


Tuesday 7.45am – 8.35am / 50 mins Vinyasa Flow Class (+£4 for breakfast)

Wednesday 12.30pm – 1.15pm / 45 mins Vinyasa Flow Class £8


Drop-ins welcome too if you wake up feeling inspired to come to yoga, however I can only run the class if I know at least 3 people have signed up.

A limited number of mats can be provided, but if you have your own please bring it along with you.

Yoga on the roof

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Getting your yoga fix doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice breakfast!

You can choose to have a homemade, vegan superfood packed meal included with your class to power you through the rest of your day

Yoga Dinner Pot with Avocado

-It’s really important that you let me know in advance if you have a nut allergy or any other specific food requirements!

(all served to take away)

Yoga on the roof london


Classes always begin with some simple breath awareness before moving into fluid, ‘Vinyasa’ style movements where postures are linked together through fun, flowing transitions.

Despite whatever the bendy pretzels on Instagram might make you think, yoga is for absolutely everyone and, like most things in life, should never be taken too seriously. I like to lead a fun and energising class, fuelled by a strong, controlled breath and a super funky soundtrack.

There is never a rigid, repetitive sequence of poses; every single body is different, so the only goal is to discover where YOUR body is at and what YOUR body needs whilst completely forgetting that there is anyone else on the roof!

Real yoga is about people, not postures!


Click here to email me with any questions, queries or just to say hi!

See you on the mat!

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