I could not be more excited to be holding my first ever yoga event at Buena Onda Yoga in Buenos Aires as an amazing end to this crazy (almost) year-long Latin American adventure…

Kick start your New Year with a detoxing yoga class followed by a colourful, veggie, nutritious lunch and superfood smoothie!

If you’re still feeling sluggish after lots of festive feasting, come along to Buena Onda Yoga for a refreshing and rebalancing vinyasa yoga class, full of detoxifying twists and mindful flows to put you back in tune with your body. This is followed by a plant-based superfood feast including 3 different dishes and a smoothie brimming with goodness to get you glowing. ALSO you’ll be given some printed recipes and healthy tips to take away with you after the brunch!

DATE/TIME: Saturday 30th January, 11.30am – 2.00pm

LOCATION: Centro Studio, Avenida de Mayo, 1209 3E

PRICE: US$18 (245 pesos) /  Buena Onda Members US$12 (165 pesos) 


(to contact for paying via PayPal or notify of any special dietary requirements or foods you don’t like!)

Yoga Brunch Flyer

* * * * *

At the beginning of this trip, I qualified as a yoga teacher with the Marianne Wells Yoga School in Costa Rica, on an incredible course which opened my eyes to the true meaning of yoga far beyond asana. Since then, this journey has lead me to teach, travel and eat my way through seven countries, over countless beaches and mountains, through jungles and over sketchy looking bridges and crazy metropolis cities until we finally arrived in Buenos Aires.

It was here that I reached out to Meghan at Buena Onda Yoga to see if there might be an opportunity to end my adventure by helping and learning from a lovely community of yogis. That was possibly one of the most valuable emails I sent on this entire trip, as Meghan replied with warmth and enthusiasm which lead to us work together on the re-design of her website and inspired new ideas for lots of future possibilities.

It was Meghan who also gave me the fantastic opportunity to share my love of super nutritious, colourful, veggie food by planning a ‘Yoga Brunch’ at one of the Buena Onda studios, an idea which has been a dream of mine forever!!

The practice of asana is what made me initially fall in love with yoga, but now I know that there is so much more beyond the postures and exercises we see. Yoga is a warm, open hearted and honest way of looking at the world and an unconditional generosity of kindness. This is what I found at Buena Onda and one of the most cherished things I will be taking back home with me to England. Thank you Meghan and everyone at Buena Onda! I couldn’t be more grateful to the universe for ensuring our paths crossed.

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